About Prysmian Cables

Prysmian is the world’s largest manufacturer and supplier of Energy and Telecom cable, and ancillary equipment. We operate across 50 counties, employ over 30,000 people. Prysmian is also one of the global leaders in fibre manufacture and technology. This enables us to have full control of the product quality from pre-form manufacture, through to the drawing of the glass then to the actual cable manufacture that packages the fibre in the final product.We have a large Telecom Cable manufacturing facility in Dee Why, Sydney. The factory was set up in 1968 and has supplied over 80% of the fibre-cable that has been installed across Australian and New Zealand over the last 30 years.

Our local factory makes a full range of copper telephone cable, as well as a full range of optic fibre cables, from small 2mm patch cord to very fibre dense 1728F cables. Prysmian also supplies a full range of connectivity equipment from outside joints, to internal connectivity, data centres focused connectivity, macro and small cell solution, and FTTP plug and play options. Our solutions include innovative retractable access solutions for internal and external networks where the sheath of the cable can be cut and the fibre accessed on an as needs basis, negating the need to leave coils in the pits. We also supply a “Digital Electricity” solution for remote powering where we can supply power remotely up to 2kms, using very small cables that are classed as telecom cables. In this way the “power” supply cables can be installed by telecom technicians in the telecom ducts OR even combine the power cores and fibre strands in the same cable.

Product Range

  • CAT5e
  • CAT6
  • CAT6A
  • External Telephone
  • Internal Telephone
  • Sm@rtcore™
  • MiniSm@rt™
  • NoR@t
  • HSe
  • ADSS
  • PryTerms Joints
  • Fibre Trays
  • Maxlink Warranty and more